Terrazzo Floor Repair, Theatres Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

Because of the mission critical nature of the theatre areas we were allocated a specific time-slot to carry out and complete the scheduled work. Regulations demanded that a dust-free environment was maintained while work was being carried out.

Initial inspection revealed cracks, holes, damaged grout, deep-set staining from bodily fluids and antiseptic cleaning chemicals in the floor area.

Our plan of action after an agreed time period was established was that we would first deep clean the floor area with antibacterial cleaner, repair cracks, repair grout joints, fix holes, diamond grind and seal the floor.

Terrazzo floor crack repair Belfast.

The cracks were first cleaned with an antibacterial cleaner. After this was completed we then proceeded to repair the cracked floor. This was done by grinding out the cracked area and ridding the area of damaged material. Also enlarging the crack allowed for new material to be added. This was a time consuming job but had to be 100 % right when completed to ensure that there would be no bacteria allowed back into floor. Colour match with the original floor was essential.

Grout Joint Repair

Some of the theatres had terrazzo tiled floors. The nature of this type of floor meant that there was damage to the grout joints. These also had to be repaired by removing old damaged grout and replacing it with new grout. Grout joints were left perfectly level with the terrazzo tiles to ensure there were no recesses for bacteria to gather. This was done by flood grouting the area and then diamond grinding everything flush.

Fix Holes

Fixing holes ensures that dirt & bacteria does not re-enter the floor. The holes were filled with a coloured resin and terrazzo chips. It was important that these matched the original floor colour.

Diamond Grind Terrazzo Floor Belfast

Diamond grinding is the process that was employed with this floor for removal of the old top surface. This provided us with a new flush level surface to work on and also ridded the floor of all deep-set staining and any ingrained dirt.


Diamond honing was the process that was used to eliminate all the scratching on the floor. This was a four stage process that used resin bond diamond pads; course, medium, fine and very fine. This left a silky smooth finish on the floor that was totally closed-in so that dirt could not enter the floor.


Once the floor was finished with diamond honing it was then cleaned and dried. We then applied a terrazzo floor sealer which helped prevent future staining and helped control bacteria on the floor.

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