Terrazzo Floor Repair & Restoration of Old Victorian Corridor The Royal Victoria Hospital Trust Belfast

The Floor Cleaning Company were contracted to restore, clean and repair the terrazzo floor in the Victorian corridor of Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast. Rarely does a contractor get to work in an area with so much history and cultural significance.

After initial consultation TFCC assessed the damage to the terrazzo floor after one more than hundred years of daily use by patients, staff and equipment. We discovered the floor in bad condition which included cracks, pieces of terrazzo missing, pitting in the floor, badly worn surface and deep ground-in staining.

Our plan of action was to begin with repair work then initial grinding and then edge polishing then second stage repair work and then honing the floor to prepare for diamond polishing and finally sealing of the floor.

Before Terrazzo Floor Repair Belfast, The Royal Victoria Belfast

Terrazzo floor restoration involves anything up to and eight stage process. Stage one inspection of the terrazzo floor identified cracks and holes in floor and assessed the time and resources required to complete the job. At this stage the customer was advised of what outcomes they could reasonably expect if they proceeded with the restoration project.

Terrazzo Floor Crack Repair In Progress

Crack repair was a very important part of the restoration to ensure the overall finish of the floor. We had to call upon years of training and experience to colour match the original floor and when it was done it blended in with the rest of the terrazzo.

Terrazzo Floor Repair Diamond Grinding & Cleaning

This process involved the use of aggressive metal bond diamond pads. At this stage we grinded the old surface of the floor to reveal a new surface underneath. This process also took out all deep-set staining and prepared the floor for the honing.

Edge Grinding & Polishing

Edge grinding and polishing was another important part of the restoration process. This involved the use of specialist hand-held variable speed grinders and polishers. We achieved the finish by using multiple grits of diamonds; course, medium and fine.

Honing & Repair Work

Honing was a process that used a resin bond diamond pad to grind out all of the scratches in the floor. After the honing process was complete the floor had a matt shine finish and was totally scratch-free and made ready for diamond polishing.

Final Diamond Polishing Terrazzo Floor Belfast

Finally the floor was diamond polished up to a high satin finish that was kept in character with the rest of the building.

Sealing Terrazzo Floor Belfast

The floor was sealed with a solvent based impregnator sealer. This sealer did not change the appearance of the floor finish. This gave a water resistant and stain-proof seal to the floor.

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