Terrazzo floor cleaning and repair Ireland, Drogheda Hospital

The floor cleaning company was contracted to restore a terrazzo floor and walls at Drogheda Hospital.

The hospital had spent a considerable amount of money refurbishing the ceiling, electrics and walls of this corridor and found that the badly worn floor stood in stark contrast to the new works.

After initial inspection we identified cracks, holes, significant wear and heavy in-set staining. We assessed that the old floor could be refurbished to a ‘nearly new’ condition in keeping with the rest of the high quality work that had been carried out to the walls and ceiling.

Our planned approach was to first clean the staining from the terrazzo walls and repair holes and cracks. Then we began the repair of cracks and holes in the floor followed by diamond grinding, honing and polishing.

Terrazzo Floor - Post Crack Repair

First we cleaned all cracks and then opened them up with a grinding disc to allow for new colour-matched material to be added. Once the new material had dried and hardened the excess was grinded off to leave it level and flush with the existing floor.

Terrazzo Floor Diamond Grinding

First stage of terrazzo floor cleaning and restoration was to use aggressive metal bond diamonds to remove the top level of the floor. This in turn removed all staining and revealed a new floor for the honing process to begin.

Terrazzo Floor Diamond Honing

After the initial grind we then started the honing process. This was done in three stages between medium and fine grit diamonds. At the end of the process we had a floor that had a slight satin finish which was totally scratch-free and ready for the final polish and seal.

Terrazzo Floor Edge Polishing

We began by grinding the edges with a course diamond on a handheld polisher. This was followed by medium and finer diamonds to get the desired result. These edges were difficult because of the concave edge of the floor but we achieved the desired result.

Terrazzo Floor Diamond Polishing

The penultimate stage of the restoration work was to diamond polish the terrazzo floor. This was done with fine grit diamonds to achieve an attractive, even, diamond polished finish which left the floor closed in. This would in turn make it easier to maintain.

Terrazzo Floor Sealing

After the floor was diamond polished, cleaned and dried we then applied terrazzo floor sealer. We then applied a terrazzo floor sealer which helped prevent future staining and helped control bacteria on the floor.

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