Natural Stone Travatine Floor Cleaning, Belfast Residence

The FCC was invited to inspect this floor by the home owner. After initial inspection and consultation TFCC made recommendations as to what was required and the anticipated result. A timeframe was agreed and work began.

We began the restoration process on this floor by way of deep cleaning the tiles and grout. We then proceeded with the repair work by filling holes, fixing cracks and replacing missing grout. Once this was completed we then re-grinded the floor area. After this was completed up to a high-hone satin finish we then finished by sealing the floor.

Natural Stone Travatine Floor Cleaning, Belfast

Before cleaning could begin we identified all the problems with the floor which included deep-set and ingrained dirt and staining, holes and cracks in the tiles, missing grout and poor overall condition.

Natural Stone cleaning, Belfast

This was the first stage of our restoration work. This stage was of the utmost importance to ensure we had a perfectly clean floor before our repair work could begin. Specialist stone cleaning solutions were used to rid the floor of all staining and ingraind dirt. We also had to pay considerable attention to the grout in this floor as it was in poor condition.

Natural Stone Floor Repair, Belfast

Once the floor had been deep cleaned and dried we could then start our repair work. The repair work involved filling the holes in the tiles with specialist colour matched stone filler. This was left proud on the tile and once hardened could then be ground down level with the tile. We also colour matched and replaced the missing grout.

Diamond Grind Honing Natural Stone Floor

Diamond honing began after all the repair work was completed. Diamond honing was employed at this stage to rid the floor of any excess filler and blend the repaired areas with the rest of the floor to get a natural uniform finish across the floor. Once honing was completed there was an attractive satin finish left on the floor.

Sealing the natural stone floor

Once we had finished diamond honing and the floor was dry we then sealed with an impregnator sealer and finished the sealing with antique stone wax. This system of sealing ensured that not only the pores were sealed but also the top surface was sealed. This approach to stone floor sealing will allow for an easier and less stressful maintenance plan.

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